Color: Dark Blue, natural White
Machine wash cold. Tumble or line dry.
Set of 4 napkins.

Cotton Block Print Dinner Napkin

I designed this print in Brooklyn and worked with block printers in Bagru, India to print the cloth. This block print is printed with Dabu/ natural mud paste which acts a resist to the natural indigo dye which it is dyed in.  

Dabu block printing is a laborious process whereby the artisan dips a hand carved wood block (made by another artisan!) in a mud paste, allows the fabric to dry in the sun, then dyes in a dye bath (in this case natural indigo), then washes out mud paste to reveal a beautiful pattern.  

By buying this Cotton Block Print Dinner Napkin, you are supporting sustainable, ethically sourced products! Amazingly soft fabric, great hand feel, and beautiful on your dining table. This tablecloth will last for years and years to come!